Is Urban Decay Backtalk palette the best mauve palette?

When Urban Decay brought out that Backtalk palette I fell in love! Who does not love pretty mauve and pink shades? They always give me that romantic, girly feelings. When I saw Feel unique is selling it I went ahead and purchased it- of course! But did Backtalk palette exceed my expectations?


The packaging is great, I love that mirror in between. Only thing bad is that you have to turn it the right way for the palette to actually close. But other than that the palette is sturdy, has a nice weight to it.

What about the shades?

Eyeshadow palette is so pretty! I can imagine quite some eye looks with it. It has 5 glittery shades which is quite interesting. First glittery shade I used was CURVE and man…. I did not like it. It is quite dry, it does not show up really pigmented on the lid. I used my finger with it and not… too dry! Luckily other glittery/metallic shades were much more buttery and pigmented, they remind me of Naked HEAT metallic shades. They glide on easily and give quite a punch. Matte shades are OK… Backtalk does not show up on my lid as much as I would like, I have to build it up quite a bit.

Blushes are my favorite part of makeup. Double take shade is definitely a great everyday shade and in combination with Party foul is a win for me! Blushes are very pigmented… a swipe too much and you can look like a clown. Highlighters are not the blindest ones, they are more subtle which is perfect if you don’t want a punch of shine on your cheeks every day but you can for sure build them up for that extra spice.


If you like mauve/pink tones then it will be worth your money.