The truth about ABH Subculture palette

The most controversial palette on the market: The Subculture palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. This palette has such a beautiful colour scheme, I definitely wanted it from the moment I saw it. But then all those bad reviews came in and I was even more interested- can it really be THAT bad?

Packaging is amazing! First I really did not like velvet packaging but it grew on my. It looks lux and it is definitely different that any other palette on the market.

In person eyeshadows are even more beautiful. Yes, they are powdery. More powdery than any other palette I own but not a lot more powdery than my Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes. Colours are intense, they are so pigmented. Not all go together well but you can make it work. Darker shades can be patchy when you blend them out (for example Untamed, Rowdy, Axis).

Subculture palette is in my opinion a great palette but you need to take your time when using it. It is not my everyday pick but when I take my time using it I really enjoy it.


Get Subculture palette: HERE or HERE