Kylie x Jordyn palette- should you buy it?

Kylie Jenner collaborated with bestie Jordyn Woods and the result? Kylie x Jordyn palette! But is it worth it?

I picked up this Kylie x Jordyn palette along with their gloss… why? At first I was like NO, not at all an eye catching palette. But after a closer look I noticed that it actually consists of the perfect combination of neutrals and bolds, especially for my hazel eyes. Purple shades are AMAZING for hazel eyes! I have the Purple Kyshadow but I don’t reach for it often because I find myself too lazy to put on eyeshadow with two different palettes. So I figured this one might be a good option for those in a hurry makeup looks. Was I right?

First thing when I opened the Kylie Cosmetics Jordyn palette was that ultra bright green shimmer shade. What a bomb! Truly unique in my collection, I love to use it for more dramatic look or everyday for the inner corner. Purple shade Wild love also became one of my favourites but I am not wearing it as much. It shifts colours and I am not fond of that.

Eyeshadows themselves are very pigmented, easy to work with, shimmers are creamy and smooth. A win! But talking about the purples… let me first say that purple eyeshadows are almost all a bit streaky. These two are in the same bunch, but with a bit of layering they work fine. This is not a thing that bothers me. The thing that I really find interesting is that they are almost the same as the ones in Purple Kyshadow! I was hoping for a bit of a different vibe but they are literally almost the exact same. Here we are talking about My Heart = Turning violet and Love you *itch = Wine’n’dine. Meanwhile second pair is basically the same, the first pair has some differences in brightness and intensity but in reallity you don’t notice these things when they are on the eyes, perfectly blended.

Now that I played with it for a while I have to say, I did not make the mistake when purchasing it. When I have a palette with combination of neutrals and bolds, it is definitely something that is encouraging me to use colour more, to get out of the comfort zone, to practice makeup even just for 5 minutes in the morning. Kylie x Jordyn palette is definitely a win for my hazel eyes!

Find the Kylie x Jordyn collection HERE.

NORVINA PALETTE – is it worth the hype?

Every time Anastasia Beverly Hills comes out with a new palette, the hype is real. Norvina palette which was created by Norvina, got quite hyped up, everyone seems to love it. But is it really worth so much hype? I fell in love with its colour scheme- it is something different, full of pinks and purples, kinda cool toned. Definitely not your everyday neutral palette.


Get Norvina palette- HERE or HERE

ABH has really amazing shimmer shadows, soft and sometimes it feels like they are wet which results in really great pigmentation and high shine. They are so easy to work with! In Norvina palette they are pretty much up that standard except the light pink one. I was most excited about that one but it is dryer than the rest of them. We have one exception in the matte selection as well. Volatile can be a little bit patchy but this can be easily fixed with some more blending.

If you can, definitely grab it! Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palettes are worth the money, very easy to use / blend and definitely very pigmented. Maybe you will not use it every day but it will definitely be perfect for switching it up for those dull days.

ABH Subculture palette review- HERE

ZOEVA mini palettes: Caramel melange & Cocoa blend

Zoeva came out with three mini palettes / travel palettes called Voyager Collection and I was so intrigued with the colour combinations, I had to try them out. I got Cocoa blend and Caramel melange. There is just something so practical about the shadows in each palette, they go so well together and are so easy to use. I was thinking like I can use this in the crease and use this shimmer on the lid… everything pairs so nice! One thing I did not know when looking online is how small they actually are!


I had their total matte eyeshadow in full version but I passed it on so I did not purchase the mini version. Also I was assuming the pan sizes will be the same as in large palettes. Wrong! Pan sizes are really small and so are the palettes, you can see they fit in my palm perfectly. So this is really an important thing to keep in mind. For few € more you can buy  the large palette, have a few more shades and larger pans.

As for the eyeshadows– they blend perfectly! I already know their eyeshadow formula, mattes are buttery and soft, quite pigmented, you can layer them and build them up. Shimmers are without doubt the greatest! You almost get that wet feeling when using them.

Caramel melange

Cocoa Blend

Which one from the Zoeva mini palettes choose? I would definitely go with Cocoa blend because it is something different than any other palette on the market- meaning it is not the same boring warm tone palette. And because that Warm notes shade is really poppin!

Kylie Blue Honey palette- all you need to know

Blue Honey palette by Kylie cosmetics has to be the most eye catching palette I own. The beautiful combination of colours comes so easy on the eyes, immediately you see the ways each colour goes with which. This one was actually the only one I bought the day it launched!

Check Blue Honey palette- HERE

It has two great crease shades, a pop of green, a great outer corner shade and- for me very important- a brow bone shade! I absolutely hate when the palette is missing that one. Metallic shades are actually matching the mattes which is great for us, matchy matchy people. I overall love Kylie shadows but sometimes you can catch some metallics being dry or not as strong as the seem in the palette. Meanwhile the other metallics are soft and buttery, the Buzz off shade, which is light pink metallic, is not as pigmented and strong as I would like. But at the same time great as brow bone highlight! Mattes are great with exception of the green Blue Honey, which need a little more build up time.

Packaging is so personal with this one- for some it may seem too simple, but for minimalists like me, it is absolutely great. The packaging is actually a big reason I love Kylies Kyshadows!

Overall thoughts? Even though I don’t use Blue Honey palette as much as I would like (mainly because of the not everyday colour scheme), it is still my second favourite Kyshadow from her! Definitely worth to get it if you are into such shades.

The truth about ABH Subculture palette

The most controversial palette on the market: The Subculture palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. This palette has such a beautiful colour scheme, I definitely wanted it from the moment I saw it. But then all those bad reviews came in and I was even more interested- can it really be THAT bad?

Packaging is amazing! First I really did not like velvet packaging but it grew on my. It looks lux and it is definitely different that any other palette on the market.

In person eyeshadows are even more beautiful. Yes, they are powdery. More powdery than any other palette I own but not a lot more powdery than my Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes. Colours are intense, they are so pigmented. Not all go together well but you can make it work. Darker shades can be patchy when you blend them out (for example Untamed, Rowdy, Axis).

Subculture palette is in my opinion a great palette but you need to take your time when using it. It is not my everyday pick but when I take my time using it I really enjoy it.


Get Subculture palette: HERE or HERE

Is Urban Decay Backtalk palette the best mauve palette?

When Urban Decay brought out that Backtalk palette I fell in love! Who does not love pretty mauve and pink shades? They always give me that romantic, girly feelings. When I saw Feel unique is selling it I went ahead and purchased it- of course! But did Backtalk palette exceed my expectations?


The packaging is great, I love that mirror in between. Only thing bad is that you have to turn it the right way for the palette to actually close. But other than that the palette is sturdy, has a nice weight to it.

What about the shades?

Eyeshadow palette is so pretty! I can imagine quite some eye looks with it. It has 5 glittery shades which is quite interesting. First glittery shade I used was CURVE and man…. I did not like it. It is quite dry, it does not show up really pigmented on the lid. I used my finger with it and not… too dry! Luckily other glittery/metallic shades were much more buttery and pigmented, they remind me of Naked HEAT metallic shades. They glide on easily and give quite a punch. Matte shades are OK… Backtalk does not show up on my lid as much as I would like, I have to build it up quite a bit.

Blushes are my favorite part of makeup. Double take shade is definitely a great everyday shade and in combination with Party foul is a win for me! Blushes are very pigmented… a swipe too much and you can look like a clown. Highlighters are not the blindest ones, they are more subtle which is perfect if you don’t want a punch of shine on your cheeks every day but you can for sure build them up for that extra spice.


If you like mauve/pink tones then it will be worth your money.

Too Faced Natural Face palette- is it worth it?

Hello world! My first makeup post ever! Quietly I have always been obsessed with makeup and I decided to release my love for it on my new blog. For my first ever post I decided to go with one of my new palettes by Too Faced Natural Face.

Natural face palette is a gorgeous looking, large palette with 6 splendid powders- 2 highlights, 3 blushes and a bronzer. To start with packaging-  it is absolutely fabulous, darling! Pretty small details, simple nude colour, large mirror and it also has a nice weight to is. Since it is not the cheapest palette I really love when the packaging has a weight to it. The powders are- from first to last- so buttery, pigmented and they blend so nicely!

Get your Too Faced Natural Face palette – HERE

Highlighters: Starlight is beautiful pink/violet duochrome and Satin sheets is light pink/gold duochrome.

Blushes: Pink wink is a bright pink, Pink sand is more subtle, nude pink and Tropic like it’s hot is dark satin pinkish bronze. It would look great as highlight on darker skin tone.

Bronzer Sunny honey is really subtle bronzer, great for a quick bronze look all over. It is warm toned but not orange.

This palette is a total hit for me. I am quite picky at what I put on my face so this was a nice surprise- I really love all of them. Colours are very wearable and you can use all of them- not one shade will be that one that you never use.